How to Write about Challenging Experiences

challenging experiences

If you’ve travelled enough, you’ve probably found yourself dealing with some challenging experiences. Perhaps you’ve witnessed an injustice and been part of the effort to help. There were probably times when you felt powerless. I’ve been there. It’s important to write about these experiences, for yourself and for those people you care about. In Dubai, I […] Read more…

5 Ways To Prepare For Writing Travel Stories Before You Arrive

writing travel stories

You can’t predict what’s going to happen on your trip, but you can do a few things to prepare for writing great travel stories: 1. Skim a quick overview of your destination’s history, from ancient to recent. What appeals to you? Are there any stories you find fascinating? Dig deeper. You’re not trying to give yourself […] Read more…

Travel Memoir Review: Driving Hungry by Layne Mosler

driving hungry

When we first meet our narrator, Layne Mosler, in Buenos Aires, she’s busy learning the tango. By any account, it’s a bold decision to move to Buenos Aires in order to practice tango. But Driving Hungry isn’t about tango. It’s about what happens when, tired and hungry, Mosler asks a taxi driver to take her to his favourite restaurant. From there, she […] Read more…

Chelsea Girl


(Published in The Summerset Review) I watched the Chelsea girls stalk down Kings Road. The street was hard and gritty under my feet, but the cement became gray velvet under their high-heeled shoes. I saw their packages from Harrods on Old Brompton Road. I imagined their walk down Sloane Street, chitchat in between the swish […] Read more…

10 Best Travel Memoirs

best travel memoirs

Here’s a list of the best travel memoirs. They all happen to be written by women. 1. The House on Dream Street: Memoir of an American Woman in Vietnam Dana Sachs I remember picking up The House on Dream Street at a bookstore in Washington DC when I was 24, in my first year of graduate […] Read more…

The Female Side


(Published in Redivider Journal) The male and female sides of Abu Dhabi University were mirror images: both pristine and starkly white, with South Asian security men guarding the connecting passageways. The male lobby was typically quiet, often witness to solemn greetings of salaamu alaykum, or the secrets of young men rushing to the computer lab […] Read more…