How to Write a List Essay


If you’re feeling stuck with your travel memoir writing, an interesting and playful structure to try is to tell your story in the form of a how-to list. This structure is like an instruction manual, but humorously reframes each step as part of your story. Some example titles might be: How to Not Get Deported […] Read more…

One Italian Summer – interview with Pip Williams


I began to write One Italian Summer about six months after returning to Australia. I missed Italy, and I wanted to understand what the journey had meant for me, and for my family. It was not, in the end, just a unique travel experience requiring a bit of hard work and child management.  Read more…

6 Steps to Writing About Your Most Impactful Travel Experience


What was the trip that changed you, inside and out? That made you see the world differently? That made you a different person? Most likely, it was an early trip, perhaps your first ever. Often, those first trips plant the seeds for a love of discovery. They are the ones that can install new perspectives in our […] Read more…

Why I Care So Much About Getting Published in Literary Magazines

getting published in literary magazines

We all have our endeavours, the things that give us pleasure, meaning, recognition, status. For me, and a lot of other writers, that recognition comes from having my work accepted into literary magazines. Outside of the world of writers, no one cares about these magazines. Most people don’t even know what a literary magazine is, let […] Read more…

The Loss of King Bhumibol and the Connections of Travel


We were stuck in a traffic jam. Since I had arrived in Chiang Mai just a few days ago, the situation wasn’t very frustrating for me. Everything was still new. I watched the teenagers on bicycles and motorbikes glide past all the cars lined up on Soi 9 off Nimmanhaemin Road. I watched the young woman […] Read more…