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A Family Travel Memoir of WWOOFing, Italy and the Good Life: One Italian Summer by Pip Williams


When you think of a typical travel memoir, what kind of journey comes to mind? For me, it’s the picture of a woman on her own, travelling to a new place in search of something, often ineffable, and discovering something unpredictable about herself along the way. Yet, we don’t always travel on our own. There are plenty of family travel memoirs, and the latest is Pip William’s One Summer in Italy. Read more…

Without a Gimmick: Review of Meet Me in Gaza, Uncommon Stories of Life Inside the Strip


Meet me in Gaza: Uncommon Stories of Life Inside the Strip by Louisa B. Waugh is a absorbing story and a terrific example of a travel memoir without a gimmick. There is no ‘one year of living like a Gazan’ project or specific mission to uncover the secrets of Palestinian cooking or hospitality or their indomitable […] Read more…

9 Novels that Will Fuel Your Wanderlust


Reading a great novel set in a new place has always been one of my main reasons for wanting to travel. Whether it’s Thailand or Lagos, Turkey or another planet, these books will refresh your wanderlust, teach you about little known places, and interrogate what it means to be a foreigner in a strange land. […] Read more…

Travel Memoir Review: Driving Hungry by Layne Mosler

driving hungry

When we first meet our narrator, Layne Mosler, in Buenos Aires, she’s busy learning the tango. By any account, it’s a bold decision to move to Buenos Aires in order to practice tango. But Driving Hungry isn’t about tango. It’s about what happens when, tired and hungry, Mosler asks a taxi driver to take her to his favourite restaurant. From there, she […] Read more…

10 Best Travel Memoirs

best travel memoirs

Here’s a list of the best travel memoirs. They all happen to be written by women. 1. The House on Dream Street: Memoir of an American Woman in Vietnam Dana Sachs I remember picking up The House on Dream Street at a bookstore in Washington DC when I was 24, in my first year of graduate […] Read more…