There are tons of publications out there. How do you pick where to send your work? I’ve created a curated list. If you’re like me, you have some criteria for where you would like your work to be published. First, I want my work to be accessible, and that means online. I don’t want my writing trapped in a literary journal that only a small number of people have access to. Second, I want to send my work to online magazines and journals who publish writing I admire and learn from. In this list, you’ll find just that, online magazines and journals that publish essays that make you stop and think, ‘Wow, I want to be a part of that.’

Travel memoir focus:

World HumThe Best Travel Stories on the Internet. The site publishes features of 1500 words of classic travel memoir stories. Have a read.

Perceptive Traveler: This online magazine focuses on travel memoir essays, but in order to submit, you have to have published a travel memoir book or had an essay appear in an anthology. They pay contributors.

Vela Magazine: Written by Women. They have a column called ‘Placed’ that is focused on how we shape places, and how places shape us.

The Smart Set: The Journeys section of this site publishes longer works of travel memoir writing.

Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel: The site publishes contemporary, literary-themed travel works of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and reviews.

Literary Traveler: Explore Your Literary Imagination. This site focuses on the literature that often inspires our travel.

Personal essay focus:

Full Grown People: This site posts personal essays twice a week. Join the mailing list to get updates on the kinds of work they publish. All personal stories–travel and otherwise–will be considered.

Hippocampus Magazine: They publish memorable creative nonfiction. This includes travel memoir stories.

Literal Latte: They are committed to publishing new writers, and are looking for personal essays.

Catapult: Launching remarkable writing. They seek submissions of personal essay or memoir excerpts for their online magazine.

The Rumpus: Every Sunday they post a personal essay. Have a read through to get a feel for their tastes.

The Manifest-Station: They take personal essays. The writing on here is vibrant and lovely.

Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing: They publish twice a year, and are interested in creative nonfiction. Your travel memoir stories fall under this category.

Thread: A Literary Magazine: This writing in this magazine explores the human experience through essay and image.

Two Cities Review: They are interested in creative nonfiction that crosses the boundaries between form and genre, so send your riskier work here.

Eclectica Magazine: Surprise them with something risky, new and exciting. This magazine prides itself on publishing writers from all experiences and backgrounds.